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Structural Beam App - Tutorial

Our Structural Steel Beam app works by you first choosing a scenario from the ones available. You'll see this, when the app is first launched:

Use the Next and Previous buttons to scroll through the different scenarios. In the image above, we've selected a beam that's going to support a wall, one roof and two floors. The Key on the left shows you which measurements you need to take. We'll come back to this. But scroll down and you'll see lots of text boxes to enter your measurements:

Notice the letters above the text boxes, A, B, C, D, etc. These are the letters from the Key at the top:

Hold your mouse over a Key item and you'll see a popup appear:

So the Beam Span text box is letter A. This tells you to enter a size in metres, up to 2 decimal places. The letter A is also on the scenario image:

Now enter your measurements (notice that the wall thickness is in millimetres):

When you're done, click the Step 2 button to go to the next page.


The rest of the app is fairly straightforward after that. If you need some clarification, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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